Coaex is a precious metals store accepting new revolutionary cryptocurrencies. Through our wide range of network in Turkey, we trade gold bullion bars and silver bullion bars, coins and fine jewelry. We provide the best prices from top manufacturers – Istanbul Gold Refinery & Nadir Metal, ensure profitability for our beloved customers, give insight information and cooperate with Bitcoin enthusiasts to develop new projects. Coaex has gained an excellent record of customer satisfaction. Our aim is to maintain 100% customer satisfaction, establish user-friendly, easy shopping experience and allow our customers to get the most out of trading gold and silver. In this regard, we constantly benefit from the latest technologies and developments, invest in them and provide our customers the best possible shopping and trading experience. You can easily buy gold and silver with Bitcoin or altcoins at Coaex. With its competitive pricing, timely delivery, excellent customer service and many other benefits, Coaex is your #1 Bitcoin Gold and Silver Bullion Store.

Coaex Gold Bullion Bars

We buy and sell Turkey based Istanbul Gold Refinery and Nadir Metal gold bullion bars ranging from as little as 0.5 gram to 100 gram. You can find both 995.0 and 999.9 fine gold bullion bars in our online store. Our gram gold bullion bars comes in an assay card and have a unique certificate number, ensuring its authenticity. Thanks to its worldwide recognition in precious metals market, IGR gold bars can also be deposited to any bank in the world without determination of weight in grams. We occasionally provide gold news and gold price updates in our blog and social media channels to help our customers in their precious metals investments.

Gold is generally considered as a safe haven among the financial instruments and our customers have the opportunity to evaluate their assets either it is a cryptocoin or a precious metal – gold. You can minimize the risks involved in cryptocoin trade and benefit from hedging by simply following economic calendar, global events and financial news.

Coaex Silver Bullion Bars

Coaex offers IGR and Nadir Metal branded, 999.0 fine, LBMA certified silver bullion at affordable prices. You can buy silver bullion in weights ranging from 5 gram to 1000 gram, use them as a gift to a friend or a family member, process them to create silver jewelry, customize its assay cards to promote your projects. Thanks to evolving cryptocoin ecosystem, we provide best possible prices to our customers while offering them the best quality they can get.

There are many benefits of buying silver over gold. It’s much more affordable and has lower premium compared to gold, in general. As a first time buyer, you can pay as little as $15 to start investing in silver.

Accepted Payment Methods

We only accept cryptocoins. That is one of the major factors for offering the best possible prices to our customers.

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Litecoin (LTC)
  • Dash (DASH)

Other payment methods may be available upon your request and may subject to a fee, depending on the overall performance of the altcoin. Please use our contact form to submit your preferred payment method. There is no commissions, processing fees or any other fees involved, except the transaction fee of the relevant coin – The prices displayed, plus the shipping fee is the final price.