A message from CEO for International Workers’ Day

The purpose of this statement is to create an awareness, lay emphasis on the importance of International Workers’ Day worldwide and show people how dreams may come true with cryptocoins. Our online store, Coaex will be closed on May 1, 2014 for 24 hours by … Read More

Vertcoin accepted here and VTC gold bars coming soon

Thanks to our payment processor CoinPayments, you can now shop at Coaex with Vertcoin. We enabled this powerful coin immediately after CoinPayments’ public voting is ended on April 27, 2014. We are currently working on Vertcoin assay card designs but due to our … Read More

Working on some crazy stuff

Today’s design by our marketing manager while we were waiting for CommunityCoin’s new design. Now, the question is: Can this gold bar be embed asymmetrically or not? We have no clue but will share the details soon. Item price: 61,98 … Read More

The first BlackCoin gold bar is produced

We are proud to announce the first BlackCoin Gold Bar is issued today. We thank Istanbul Gold Refinery once more for their collaboration and support to crytpocoin industry. Creating customized gold bars was one of our long term goals and we are … Read More

Our Belgium delivery took only 4 days

Most of our beloved followers already knew that but recently, we had a free promotion on BlackCoin forum – the worst one, yes! Merzhin from Belgium replied our post in an hour, completed some simple tasks for us and won 0.5 gram gold bar. … Read More

We now accept MintCoin payments

MintCoin has become the latest addition to our accepted payment methods. We think this cooperation will grow in time, bring depth to markets, help traders with their investments, unveil unique projects and create more opportunities for everyone. As Coaex, we have … Read More