Our Belgium delivery took only 4 days

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Most of our beloved followers already knew that but recently, we had a free promotion on BlackCoin forum – the worst one, yes! Merzhin from Belgium replied our post in an hour, completed some simple tasks for us and won 0.5 gram gold bar. Merzhin also helped us to fix an issue on our website. We thank him once more for his contribution to Coaex. We sent the gold on the 14th of April and it’s delivered today, on the 18th of April with no additional cost. This was our first shipment to Belgium and it shared the fastest delivery record with Croatia – Hrvatska Posta. We monitored the package in-transit and we can confirm that Bpost international tracking is working smoothly.

We update country specific delivery times frequently. You can find the latest updated information here. The list is still immature, yet it can provide a general idea about estimated delivery times.

May Promotion – This time for Belgians only

St Bernardus Abt 12


Our next promotion will be about beers – Belgian beers, the brown ale one. No coins involved except for the verification process (See clause 3 below). Just beer for gold! However, we haven’t checked the import/postal regulation here in Turkey, yet. We will let you know about these details.

Task is somewhat hard: The first Belgian BlackCoin holder who successfully deliver 1 bottle of “St. Bernardus” to Coaex will win 0.5 gram gold bar 999.9 fine!*



Rules for this promotion as follows:

1) First come first serve! Contact us from here. We will line up the applications and announce the winner by editing this post once we reach an agreement.
2) Applications should be submitted after 01 May 2014. Applications prior to that date will not be eligible for the promotion.
3) The winner should send us 1 BlackCoin after delivering the bottle successfully to verify he/she has actually been holding BC. Wallet address will be emailed later.
4) You must be a registered member of Coaex. You can opt out later by requesting your account to be removed.
5) In this promotion, only 1 piece of 0.5 gram gold bar will be delivered to the winner.
6) There is not a restriction about the delivery method you prefer. If it is not possible to post the bottle via mail due to the regulations, just bring it with yourself, meet us and join the party!
7) This promotion is valid until 31 May 2014, 23:59 (GMT +2).
8) Coaex reserves the right to change the beer brand before the agreement.
9) Merzhin can still apply for this promotion so act quickly! Last time, he responded in 1 hour!

*We are extremely serious!