BlackCoin gold bars are now available in 999.9 Fine

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We have agreed on a deal with IGR to produce 999.9 fine BlackCoin gold bars with an advanced printing technology. The serial stamped on the assay card is proper and the printing quality is much better now. These gold bars can be produced as little as 0.5 gram to 100 gram. We are also working on BlackCoin stamped gold bars and will announce it shortly. However, this production may require a funding which would be compensated later as a discount to our customers.

5x 1 gram BlackCoin Gold Bars 999.9 Fine

How about 995.0 fine gold bars for BlackCoin?

So far, we have issued only 1 unit of 995.0 fine BlackCoin gold bar using the old printing technology, this was our first production and it’s already been shipped to one of our customers in Norway. As you might remember from the reddit discussion here, we recieved some feedback about the poor printing quality and we promised to work on this issue. Thanks to our colleagues in IGR, it’s now resolved. Once our customer in Norway gets the package, we will offer him some options including full refund and replacement of the product with 999.9. Well, in fact, this 995.0 fine, poorly printed BlackCoin gold bar has already became a rare item – if you ask our opinion, we would keep it for the future!

As for the future orders, we will produce both 995.0 and 999.9 fine BlackCoin gold bars with the advanced printing technology.
The orders on April 24 for 995.0 fine except our first shipment to Norway will be shipped as 999.9 fine, today.