Our Belgium delivery took only 4 days

Most of our beloved followers already knew that but recently, we had a free promotion on BlackCoin forum – the worst one, yes! Merzhin from Belgium replied our post in an hour, completed some simple tasks for us and won 0.5 gram gold bar. … Read More

We now accept MintCoin payments

MintCoin has become the latest addition to our accepted payment methods. We think this cooperation will grow in time, bring depth to markets, help traders with their investments, unveil unique projects and create more opportunities for everyone. As Coaex, we have … Read More

How to Invest in Gold Bars & Gold Bullion

There are many factors when it comes to invest in Precious Metals. Here’s a brief guide that will help you invest in gold. Before purchasing gold bars, you should consider different sizes of gold, purity, manufacturer and the ease of … Read More

Localization on the way

We are looking for translators in the following languages: Spanish, German, Italian, Russian, Arabic, Chinese, Vietnamese. If you think you are good at one of those, please contact us using the contact form and we will submit our offer to … Read More

Cryptothrift Reviews and Escrow services

We have been selling some of our products on Cryptothrift – an auction site specialised in cryptocoins. You can check our feedback here. As you may notice, the amount of orders is relatively low compared to sales via our store. … Read More

February 2014 Update

We sent 219 gram of precious metals (gold & silver) in February 2014. Thanks to all our customers for their wonderful support.

Changes regarding shipping and payment methods

After integrating CoinPayments.net, we added Bitcoin payment method and shipping rates are changed. From now on, international shipping price is 4.99$ for the first item and 0.99$ for each additional item. Orders are shipped from EU. Estimated Delivery Time (from … Read More

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