Bitcoin and Gold prices both surge after mixed data

Gold prices dropped and then, rebounded back to ten weeks high above $1325.96 per ounce, following rising tension in Middle East, particularly in Iraq and Syria. Similarly, Bitcoin price hit $650 on BTC-e once more, rising from $590 level. We should note that … Read More

Basics about Gold and Silver Bullion

In recent economic times that have been plastered with a great deal of economic difficulties and uncertainty for the upcoming times, many investors, families, individuals and many enterprises have seen the necessity and importance to secure their hard earned money … Read More

Buy Gold and Silver with Bitcoin or Altcoins

If you are looking to buy Gold and Silver with Bitcoin or an altcoin, Coaex is your #1 store with its competitive pricing, timely delivery and excellent customer service. Below you can find detailed information before buying gold bullion or silver … Read More