Coaex Precious Metals adds Darkcoin

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We are happy to announce that Darkcoin is accepted now at Coaex. You can buy gold and silver bullion, as well as fine jewelry with Darkcoin. Below you can find brief information about Darkcoin and Coaex, as well as our recent Facebook Promotion.

Darkcoin Logo

About Darkcoin

Darkcoin is the first privacy centric cryptographic currency based on Satoshi Nakamoto’s Bitcoin. DarkSend, a technology for sending anonymous block transactions is incorporated directly into the client using extensions to the core protocol. An improved proof­of­work using a chain of hashing algorithms replaces the SHA256 algorithm and will result in a slower encroachment of more advanced mining technologies (such as ASIC devices). DarkGravityWave is implemented to provide quick response to large mining power fluctuations.

Darkcoin Parameters

Block reward: controlled by 2222222/(((Difficulty+2600)/9)^2)
Block generation: 2.5 minutes
Difficulty: retargets every minute using Dark Gravity Wave
Supply: estimated 22 million maximum coins

About Coaex

Founded in Jan, 2014, Coaex is a jewelry and precious metals store accepting new revolutionary cryptocurrencies. Through our wide range of network in Turkey, we trade gold bars and silver bars, coins, bullion and fine jewelry. We provide the best prices from top manufacturers – Istanbul Gold Refinery & Nadir Metal, ensure profitability for our beloved customers, give insight information and cooperate with Bitcoin enthusiasts to develop new projects. Since its launch in the beginning of 2014, Coaex has gained an excellent record of customer satisfaction. Our aim is to maintain 100% customer satisfaction, establish user-friendly, easy shopping experience and allow our customers to get the most out of trading gold and silver. In this regard, we constantly benefit from the latest technologies and developments, invest in them and provide our customers the best possible shopping and trading experience. We are also a pioneer merchant as being the first precious metal store producing cryptocoin oriented gold bars (see: BlackCoin Gold Bars).

We are also eager to issue Darkcoin gold bars. So drop us a message or send your Darkcoin oriented images from here.

Facebook promotion

You can join our Facebook promotion and get a USD 10$ discount for orders USD 100$ or more. Click here for details.