The first BlackCoin gold bar is produced

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We are proud to announce the first BlackCoin Gold Bar is issued today. We thank Istanbul Gold Refinery once more for their collaboration and support to crytpocoin industry. Creating customized gold bars was one of our long term goals and we are really happy to accomplish this in a 4 month period since our launch in January, 2014. However, the production and delivery phase took a little bit longer than expected (10 days from our first announcement on blackcointalk) since this is the first custom production for Coaex. We are also happy to give this opportunity for BlackCoin fans, exclusively. In a few next days, we will produce more customized gold bars both for BlackCoin and other coins. We are open to suggestions from the developers and fans of cryptocoins and we should clearly tell that there will be no outrageous fees to issue these gold products. We are currently working on a fee plan and announce it shortly.

BC gold bars

You might notice the gold bar is produced in 995.0 purity. In our discussion with Istanbul Gold Refinery, we have been told that 999.9 purity customized gold bar production can only be possible with a minimum order quantity, yet this amount is still not specified by the mint. If we get any information about this matter in the following days, we will post it on our blog and try to reduce this requirement, or even completely remove it from the agreement. By that time, we will take orders for 995.0 BlackCoin gold bars.

For your custom designs, we have created a new page – Custom gold bars. Submit your images and we produce it for you!

Update : 995.0 fine Blackcoin gold bars is discontinued. You can purchase 999.9 fine Blackcoin gold bars now.