First NobleCoin order to Netherlands took 5 days to be delivered

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First order to Netherlands with NobleCoin is delivered succesfullyOur recent Netherlands delivery which is handled by PostNL took 5 days from the date of order and delivered successfully. The tracking information for Netherlands worked smoothly. However, PostNL have been using a different tracking code system but we managed to get the tracking code, eventually. In the international postal system, the tracking numbers are generally 13-digit-codes that starts with RR letters (e.g. RRxxxxxxxxxTR where x letters are unique numbers and TR is the code of origin country). For tracking packages in Netherlands, this 13-digit-code needs to be converted to 3S code which can be gathered from PostNL office or Twitter: @PostNL.

NobleCoin is manually used in this order with a pre-determined level. Later on that day, we added NobleCoin to our store and now, we have plans to produce “NobleCoin Gold Bars” with Istanbul Gold Refinery. We are so glad to give this unique opportunity to NobleCoin holders and we hope this partnership between Coaex and NOBL holders will grow in time.

Our country specific delivery time list updated once more with this order. We will continue to update the list with more detailed information such as tracking availability and number of orders.