Fluttercoin Gold Bullion Details

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Fluttercoin Gold Bullion Image Gallery

We produced Fluttercoin gold bullion with Istanbul Gold Refinery – one of the major refineries in the world. These gold products come in various weights: 0.5 – 1 – 2.5 – 5 – 10 – 20 – 100 gram and you can shop using any cryptocoin that we support. We also have been working on the details about Fluttercoin logo stamping on gold. These details include 3D modelling, warranty of the mold used for the coin, price negotiation. All we can say for now, there will two options for any altcoin that request logo stamping.

1) Crowdfunding

Required Amount : USD 3,000-3,500 for each weight (max. required amount may vary between USD 24,000-28,000)
Donation Amount for Each Participant (fixed): There will be a maximum amount for each crowdfunding participant. However, that amount hasn’t been decided, yet. (e.g. For USD 3,000 USD to produce 0.5 gram Fluttercoin logo stamped gold bar, a participant can donate maximum of USD 25.00)
Donation Refund (fixed): Each participant in crowdfunding will get a refund (share) while gold have been selling. The amount will be announced later but it seems 75% of the donation amount seems fair, for now.
Transparency: To ensure transparency, we are planning to create a new section in our store and add a product named “Fluttercoin Gold Project”. This product will have a stock amount of “Required Amount” / “Donation amount of each participant” (e.g. 3,000 / 25 = 120). Once the stock is depleted, the production phase will begin and you will be able to view the stock amount in our store. If the required amount hasn’t been reached for a specific period of time (you name it), the project will be cancelled and we are going to refund back to participants, fully. However, the exchange rate will be calculated based on FIAT currency. (e.g. You purchased/donated 25.00 USD worth of Fluttercoin on June 26 and let’s assume that it’s equal to 19,640 FLT. The required amount hasn’t been reached and the project is cancelled on August 30. We will refund 25.00 USD worth of Fluttercoin on August 31, not 19,640 FLT.)

Yet, all of above terms are experimental and open for discussion, now.

2) Total sales for Fluttercoin Gold Bullion

We will automatically start producing Fluttercoin logo stamped gold bullion if the total amount of Fluttercoin Gold sales reach a level above USD 200,000 for each weight. That’s nearly 45 pieces of 100 gram Fluttercoin gold bars, as of today! And yeah, if you are good with the numbers, you can calculate our profitability in the industry by reading this article!

Important Note:

This offer can be applicable for any altcoin that we support. Feel free to share your thoughts from our new Disqus comment section.