We go on an indefinite strike protesting Soma tragedy in Turkey

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Effective immediately, we are going on an indefinite strike to create awareness for the situation in Turkey where we have been operating. In this period, the payment processor is being disabled and founder of Coaex will provide customer support personally. All orders prior to May 15 have already been shipped. The ongoing promotions, including the recent Vertcoin promotion, is cancelled but, will be available later on. The ongoing developments with coin developers and members of the communities are delayed indefinitely, too.

Indefinite Strike

Latest News

To follow the latest news from Soma, you can refer to the following news channels from Turkey:



Note: Recently, it is hard to find reliable news sources, here in Turkey. Therefore, we listed the recommended ones, only.

Quote of the day from an injured miner while getting into the ambulance:

“Shall I take my boots off? I don’t want to dirty the stretcher up.”