Having problems with BTC withdrawals? Try purchasing gold and exchange it in your local gold store!

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Bitcoin Price Drop

Recent attacks on Bitcoin blockchain caused delays when withdrawing Bitcoins from major exchanges including MtGox, Bitstamp, BTC-e. We offer our customers a unique opportunity to convert their Bitcoins to fiat currency by purchasing gold at fair rates. When you place an order, the USD price is converted to Bitcoin automatically. Let’s see how you can profit from gold trade at Coaex.

Current price of 10 gram Gold Bar is 435,00 USD, add the international shipping cost – 4,99 USD and the total amount is 439,99 USD.
Let’s see CoinPayments.net conversion rate now. The current prices in Cryptocoins as follows:


0,666353 BTC
25,491314 LTC
1639,10844 FTC

Current BTC-e Bitcoin price was 643,50 USD when this conversion is calculated, so you pay even less (~428,79 USD)!
We ship your orders almost instantly. US/Canada based customers get their packages delivered to their door in 10-20 days. European based customers get them in a week!
So you have gold now, what can you do with it?

You can deposit gold to any bank in the world hassle-free!
You can melt it to use in jewelry production.
You can exchange it in your local gold store and take profit!

We also offer surprise cashbacks for our customers that validate their orders on various platforms such as Bitcointalk, Bitsharestalk, CoinPayments, Cryptothrift.
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