MemoryCoin is delisted temporarily. Community effort will determine its status.

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As being the first merchant for MemoryCoin (MMC) and a former Chief Marketing Officer candidate (stalemate) with its team of experts, we are really sad to remove MemoryCoin from payment methods today – a coin which fascinated us by its voting feature. Coaex started its activities by accepting only MemoryCoin in January, 2014. In that time, there were no automated payment gateways for the coin and we were manually processing orders – well, in fact, we were not processing orders cause there wasn’t any. Therefore, we decided to outsource for an automated MMC payment gateway plugin combined with the aim of creating awareness and making an effort for the community but the offers for this job was irrelevant (thanks to In fact, we were capable of writing the plugin locally (at the time being, there are 2 automated payment plugins for MMC – one is written by a Turkish guy – s4lih from former CTO team and the other, CoinPayments) but considering the design and development of Coaex website and other business agreements, outsourcing was more suitable in that day. Then, we contacted CoinPayments to list MMC in exchange for participating in their localization project and agreed on terms. We translated the shopping cart into Turkish and MemoryCoin was listed at CoinPayments. We would like to thank them once more for their early adoption. After switching to automated payment methods for MemoryCoin, we thought it would both help the market depth and coin’s value. Guess what happened? A disaster! No orders, lack of support, sceptical reactions, doubts from the community along with high depreciation of the coin. We are now out for MMC but we hope to re-list it soon. However, we have some requests from the MMC community now. Please note that these requests are exclusive for MMC, we don’t have these kind of terms for other coins – at least for now.