Memorycoin Discounts – 3% OFF for all orders with Memorycoin during August

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Memorycoin Discounts
July and August have always been slow months for some specific sectors but when it comes to gold and silver bullion trading, you would see few opportunities due to constant demand for precious metals. In some countries, gold or value added gold products’ prices may rise based on seasonal events such as wedding. It’s well known in Turkey that gold is usually purchased in autumn/winter season for newly married couples in spring and summer. To appreciate all these couples’ effort worldwide and introduce Memorycoin and cryptocoins, in general, we now apply Memorycoin discounts for all orders during August.

Memorycoin Discounts

  • This promotion is effective between July 27, 2014 and August 31, 2014 24:00 GMT +3.
  • We have right to cancel this promotion at any time without prior notice.
  • Bear in mind that gold and silver prices are very dynamic. Before starting your investment, we recommend you to check latest gold and silver prices and make your investment, accordingly.
  • We hope to offer more Memorycoin discounts and promotions, in the future. Follow us on Twitter to get the latest updates.