The first BlackCoin gold bar is produced

We are proud to announce the first BlackCoin Gold Bar is issued today. We thank Istanbul Gold Refinery once more for their collaboration and support to crytpocoin industry. Creating customized gold bars was one of our long term goals and we are … Read More

Our Belgium delivery took only 4 days

Most of our beloved followers already knew that but recently, we had a free promotion on BlackCoin forum – the worst one, yes! Merzhin from Belgium replied our post in an hour, completed some simple tasks for us and won 0.5 gram gold bar. … Read More

Coaex Gold and Silver Store is Launched

We have completed all tests with our website and launched Coaex Gold and Silver Store, as of today. Below you can find brief information about us. About Coaex Gold and Silver Store Founded in Jan, 2014, Coaex is a jewelry … Read More